Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShotboxXx?

The first of its kind patent pending Automated Rental Kiosk system for action cameras – It truly is the smartest way to rent action cameras.

Do you have an app for editing capabilities?

Absolutely. The ShotboxXx app has robust editing capabilities. Our app seamlessly integrates with your rental camera.
You will be able to edit content (video and images) and wirelessly upload that content to your favorite social media platforms.

Can I reserve a Rental?

Yes. The ShotboxXx app gives you the option to rent, reserve, geo-locate as well as EZ-Return, where you can rent from one location and return at another

Where do I find a ShotboxXx?

The ShotboxXx app will geo-locate the nearest locations.

What are your Rental Options and Pricing?

We have 3 options today. 1,2- and 3-day rentals. 1-Day rental is $45/day. 3-Day Rental is $75 and 5-Day Rental is $99

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major debit and credit cards. We have contactless payments options as well as chip insert.

What happens if I do a 3 day rental and I decide to keep it another day?

You can keep the rental for additional days. You will be charged the $45 Daily rate for additional days.

Do you offer insurance?

We do. The charge is $7.98/day. The Insurance ONLY covers damage to the camera. It does NOT cover a lost or stole camera.

Is there a deposit Hold?

Yes. The deposit is $350. This covers the cost of the camera if it is lost or stolen. The deposit hold is released when thecamera is returned and plugged in

How long does it take to release the deposit hold?

We release the hold when the camera is returned and plugged in. Depending on your bank it could take 2-3 business days to reflect in your account

What happens if the camera gets lost or is stolen?

Your deposit will be forfeited.

Do your rentals come with an SD card?

You can purchase SD cards with the rental at a cost of $17.98/ea. for a 64gb card.

Do you have a support line where I can provide feedback or if I have additional questions?

Our customer support line is 855-SHOTBOX (746-8269). You can also reach us on our contact page . If you prefer to email you can reach us at [email protected]